The Unbearable Lightness of Bieber

He's fascinating alright! In the words of Paul Simon "Every generation throws a hero up the pop chart!" Ours is to question, huh?  Even the lovers are lovin' this one, from the wee ones to the older set, this young man is bound to make you delightfully giddy like a leetle girl!  Music Lite. Feels like it, sorta sounds like it.  Enjoy that fresh sound you love, with out the weight!   I can't believe it's not music, music.  We love contradictions at Miss Wit headquarters!  WWMKD? Even Milan Kundera couldn't over philosophize this one!


Basic Fine Jersey Tee  $20

Baby Blue / Asphalt

100% Fine Jersey Cotton
Form Fitting

Fine Jersey Tee $20

Baby Blue/ Asphalt

100% Fine Jersey Cotton
Looser, still flattering. Like Justin!

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