I'm Still Calling it Atlantic Av Pacific St Not Barclays

You can tear the buildings down, and run folks out of town, and spin your tales of heroism. Billionaires come, and billionaires go. Names change, streets are bulldozed, neighborhoods divided, but these coordinates remain the same.  Change is great, destruction ain't.  When the name becomes Atlantic/Housing Way we might sing a sweeter tune. You can call it the Barclays Billion Dollar Greed Center, but...
I'm Still Calling it Atlantic Avenue Pacific Street!  Enjoy all those shows, but just know....

In Brooklyn NY   A British multinational bank (let's call it Barclays Bank,) in the news currently for extreme and "systematic greed" practices, bought NYC subway naming rights very cheaply from a cash strapped NY state agency on the back of a corrupt deal.  This was done  in the name of housing and jobs via eminent domain abuse, as part of an arena project with the same name, built for a Russian Billionaire owned losing basketball team ( Nyets!), all for the corporate gain of Forest City Ratner.  Benefits going to a rapper, a ruler, some business folks and not a very many local tax payer.

By calling the subway station by said British multinational bank, which certainly not a very many will do, one accepts that scenario as being acceptable. For the first time in NYC Transit history, a Subway station will bear the name of a corporate entity.

I'm Still Calling it Atlantic Avenue Pacific Street!

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